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Confederation Board Asks Legislators to Sustain Amendatory Veto of Illinois SB 2664

As originally written, Illinois SB 2664 was a bad law for condo owners current in their assessments. It moved the liability for past due association assessments from the unit owner (or mortgage holder) in a foreclosure to the balance of the assessment paying owners within the Association. Governor Quinn agreed with the NAHC that this was unfair and issued an amendatory veto keeping the onus for past due assessments on sellers and not on neighbors,
The original version of SB2664, if turned into law, may create a dangerous precedent for Common Interest Community Associations (e.g. HOA's) as well. We recently learned that a motion will be introduced in the Fall Veto (lame duck) session to oveturn the Governor's changes and reinstate the original language. We reached out to our area Senators and Representatives and asked that they not support this motion and sustain the governor's Amendatory Veto.
. Here is what we had to say:
It has come to our attention that a motion will be filed in the upcoming November session of the State Legislature to override the Governor's amendatory veto of Senate Bill 2664.
While this proposed legislation initially received wide support from Realtors, bankers, lawyers and creditors, this did not mean that it was a good law for hard working property owners. Many condominium owners will, as a result of this original proposal, find themselves paying for the failures of some of their peers, increasing their own costs of ownership while providing an easy path for speculators and investors to join common interest communities without bearing the costs associated with this privilege. The amendments proposed by the governor reduce these inequities.
Regular assessments to owners in common interest associations go well beyond covering day-to-day costs of the association. Assessments are also the vehicle by which associations manage and maintain the reserve funds used for major projects and property upgrades including roofs, common areas, parking, and more. It is essential that all property owners equitably pay into these funds as all owners benefit from their uses.
The consequence of overturning the amendatory veto and enacting the original version of this otherwise well-meaning proposal is effectively giving a free ride to distressed sale purchasers while unfairly increasing assessments for condominium unit owners who currently pay their operating assessments on time each month. By holding this fiscally responsible group accountable for the failure of some of their peers, an increased burden will be placed on them, exacerbating financial concerns for many who already may be struggling to keep up with their current level of assessments.
This original legislation addressed what is basically a notification and due diligence issue by creating financial burdens on otherwise not-involved parties. A better solution that does not burden hard working citizens, current in their assessments, is needed. For the good of the condominium associations and their members, we urge you to sustain the amendatory veto on SB 2664.
We encourage our members to contact their Senators and Representatives on this as well!

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Confederation Board Weighs in on Proposed SB 16

The Confederation Board is concerned about the potential ramifications of SB 16. Here's the letter we sent to area Illinois House representatives on October 13:

Dear Representative,
The Board of Directors of the Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation supports efforts to provide all Illinois Public School students and districts with a baseline funding equivalency. However, we strongly maintain that Senate Bill 16, in its current form, is deeply flawed, misguided, and laden with damaging consequences for many school districts in this State, including all of those in the greater Naperville area.
We realize providing school districts with the resources to properly educate students is not a simple task. Unfortunately, SB 16 attempts to provide a “Robin Hood” approach to school funding and, as a consequence, unfairly punishes locales which have resources (and also typically cost structures) that may exceed those in other districts. All SB 16 accomplishes is a reallocation of current, inadequate, state funding resources without addressing other critical issues within the funding conundrum including performance, efficiency, and the unfunded mandates that inflate school district expenses. A more in depth comprehensive effort is needed to address the education funding woes in Illinois, and SB 16 would only delay this necessary review.
If passed in its current form and signed into law, the effect on your constituents within our area would be either increased local taxes to make up the lost funding, or significant cuts to education programs. Neither are acceptable outcomes. We therefore join with the public school districts in the Naperville Area and ask that this Bill be defeated if presented for a vote in its current form.

Recycle Your Leaves and Yard Waste

Fall means it is time for leaf pickup and yard clean up. The Confederation encourages residents to mulch and compost, but we also recognize that this is not feasible for every resident.
Naperville’s curbside leaf collection schedule provides neighborhoods with three collection opportunities, weather permitting. To participate, residents rake leaves into the street next to the curb in front of the house, avoiding storm drains, at the beginning of each leaf collection cycle.
Leaves must be raked into the street by 6 a.m. on the following 2014 dates to ensure collection in each cycle:
- October 20
- November 3
- November 17
Crews will collect leaves in front of homes once during each two-week period. For example, residents should rake leaves into the street by 6 a.m. October 20, however, crews may not reach your neighborhood to pick-up leaves until November 1.
The city also encourages residents to take advantage of the free bagged collection program. The bagging program, provided through Allied Waste, allows residents to dispose of yard waste bags without yard waste stickers each week on their normal trash collection day. This free bagged collection program is available from November 3 through December 12. 2014 bagged and bundled yardwaste collection will end on December 12! Collection will resume March 16, 2015.
For more details go to
If you live in an unincorporated area, check with your township for details on their pick up schedule and programs.

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