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Confederation Election for New Officers & Directors

At our Annual Meeting on May 16th, and in accordance with our bylaws, the membership of the Confederation will elect members to the following offices on our Board for two year terms: President, Vice President, and Two At-large Directors.

The nominating committee has met and proposed the following candidates:
President: Bob Fischer
Vice President: Mike Reilly
At Large Directors: Steve Grosskopf and John Mesarchik

Nominations can also be made from the floor at the May 16th meeting which will be held at 8:30 AM in meeting rooms B&C of the Naperville Municipal Center. Voting and nominations are restricted to members and member associations in good standing (i.e. who have paid their 2015 dues).

Questions may be directed to the Confederation at:

Seniors - Take the Senior Task Force Informational Survey

The Naperville Senior Task Force is looking for general information to help enhance the lives of senior citizens and their caregivers in the community. If you are a senior, family member of a senior citizen (spouse or child), a caregiver to a senior or have an interest in senior issues, please take a moment to fill out an online survey at
The survey covers four major areas, including housing, transportation, education and healthcare, along with demographics and general information.

For those who prefer to fill out the survey by hand, Click Here for a downloadable PDF version or go to Completed surveys can be mailed to: Alfred Rubin Riverwalk Community Center, Attn: Lorraine Ouellette, 305 W. Jackson Ave., Naperville, IL 60540. Completed surveys may also be dropped off in-person at the Alfred Rubin Riverwalk Community Center. If a person chooses this method, they should place the survey in an envelope and mark it with the words "Lorraine - Survey" on the outside of the envelope. The survey and envelope can be dropped off at the volunteer desk or at the registration desk.

All survey responses are due by Thursday, April 30, 2015.

Has Your Association Paid 2015 NAHC Member Dues?

To fulfill our mission, the NAHC needs paid members!

Invoices were e-mailed in March to associations on our mailing list. The annual $30 assessment covers the administrative costs of our mission to:
- Serve as an advocate for and a voice of the people who call the Naperville area their home;
- Create an awareness of residents' needs by developing and maintaining relationships with all levels of government -national, state, city, counties, townships, and school and park districts;
- Support member associations with their organizational and program needs - facilitating an interchange of ideas, resources, and information between and among homeowners associations;
- Build, through a cooperative effort, a community dedicated to the enhancement of our property; - Provide, through regular meetings, special events such as candidate and issue forums, our newsletter and website, a forum for homeowner concerns and interests.

If you received an invoice, please return a 2015 Dues check for $30 to:
Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation, Inc.
PO Box 5245
Naperville, Illinois 60567-5245

If you did not receive an invoice, email us at nahc- and we'll get one to you. If your Association is not currently a Confederation member, or if there have been significant changes in your association's contacts, download and complete the Membership Application and send it to us along with your dues.
Thanks for your help and thanks for being part of the NAHC!

Founded in 1979, the Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation believes in connecting people to what matters most - each other, neighbor to neighbor.

We are:
  • A knowledge resource, covering topics of interest to our members and their neighborhoods. We seek out and share information on issues and developments, events, association governance, and property management and maintenance.
  • An advocate for homeowners; voicing community concerns through Public Position statements, advisory groups, and liaison committees.
  • A stage where speakers address what is important to our member associations and Naperville area residents.
  • A conduit bringing government to the people. Our meetings create dialogue opportunities with community leaders.
  • A facilitator of educational, non-partisan forums on issues, referenda and candidates.

  • The Confederation at Work

    The Confederation received the Naperville League of Women Voters 2008 Rosemary Martin Democracy in Action Award for its ongoing commitment to involve Naperville residents in local government and create opportunities for education on public issues important to the quality of their lives.

    "The Confederation receives information from the City and meets regularly with City Staff to review those issues pertinent to all homeowners. Many concerns are solved quickly with the positive communication between the City and homeowners. It's a very constructive and motivated group."
    A. George Pradel, Mayor

    "For the Naperville Park District, the Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation is an important partner in our success. The NAHC has become an increasingly vital conduit to communicate with residents about our programs and events, and their committed efforts in helping us to reach our constituents is invaluable."
    Ray McGury, Executive Director, Naperville Park District

    "Serving in an at-large capacity can be very time consuming to understand the needs of 145,000 people and meet those needs. The salvation of being effective was listening to the (Naperville Area) Homeowners' Confederation, which was my constant source of information and fount of knowledge."
    Former City Council Member Gary von Behren as reported in the Naperville Sun 10/1/2008

    "The role NAHC plays in fostering meaningful communication between residents and decision-makers in government is crucial to our democratic process. It is a role you play well, and we commend you for that."
    Michèle D. Johnson, Former President, ECHO Board of Directors

    "Its our liaison to the City and it keeps us informed. We would not know about certain issues if it were not for the wealth of information disseminated to us by the Confederation."
    Marie Muller, Former Delegate, Maplebrook II

    Join the NAHC!

    If you or your association are not members of the NAHC, joining is easy!
    Click Here to download a membership application. NAHC Membership and Associate Membership is available to Homeowners and Homeowner, Condominium, and Tenant Associations in the Naperville area.
    For more information on joining the NAHC, please see our by-laws.

    Contact the Confederation at:

    Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation, Inc.
    PO Box 5245
    Naperville, Illinois 60567-5245


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