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02/03/2020 (Monday)
Draft Comprehensive Master Plan Public Meetting     (NaperMtg) Time: 6:00PM Location: Meeting Rooms A & B of the Naperville Municipal Ce 
The new version of the plan will include updated land-use recommendations, based on best practices and trends, the City's goals and input from City staff and the community. Project consultant Houseal Lavigne first presented portions of the updated Naperville comprehensive master plan at a public meeting on Dec. 9.

Naperville’s comprehensive master plan serves as a guide for growth and development in the City, providing direction to those seeking to develop their land, as well as decision makers who approve requests. The new comprehensive master plan will address issues such as gaps in the City’s housing market, aging commercial areas, sustainability and changing technology. It will also recommend land-use designations for 10 geographic areas within the City's planning boundaries.

Resident feedback gathered through in-person events and online tools in 2019, including community workshops, stakeholder interviews and web-based surveys, is being used to shape the new plan. An updated draft plan will be available on the comprehensive master plan update web page for download prior to the meeting. Those who would like to be notified when the updated plan is ready are encouraged to sign up for project e-news.

Comments on the draft plan can be sent via email to Community Planner Sara Kopinski at kopinskis@naperville.il.us. More information on the comprehensive master plan update can be found at https://www.naperville.il.us/projects-in-naperville/master-plan-update/.