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Confederation "Virtual" Candidate Forums

Local offices are up for election in April, and the Confederation wants to help you learn more about the candidates.

While our usual format for Candidate Forums has become an oft copied standard in the community, the social distancing realities of 2021 require a different approach.

Our February and March newsletters include responses from the candidates for School Districts 203 and 204, The Naperville Park District, and Naperville City Council to a single question, contest specific, question we have chosen. Responses published in February are included below:
Naperville Park District
Indian Prairie District 204

The March newsletter includes responses from candidates for City Council and District 203.

Thanks for your continuing support of the Confederation as we work to keep Naperville Safe and Informed!

Download the March NAHC Newsletter

Your March Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation Newsletter, including our “Virtual Candidate Forum” for the Naperville City Council and Community Unit School District 203, is now available to be downloaded at

Each month the Confederation’s newsletter provides information on our community, what it offers, and what you need to know. Our focus is on living in Naperville and on our homes, families, and neighborhoods, including.

• Information on how the Naperville Police Department Social Service Unit helps maintain a “Safer Naper”;
• A status update on the City’s 6-month-old ban on short term residential rentals;
• An update from our Tree Guru, Skeet, on recognizing and dealing with winter damage to our landscape plants;
• “Virtual Candidate Forums” featuring candidates for the Naperville City Council and School District 203 boards;
• Updates on Confederation elections; and
• Updates and information on coping with the COVID-19 pandemic

This month’s NAHC Briefs includes updates and information from the Power of Choice; tips on home fire safety for seniors, what to do if a snow plow damages your mailbox; the upcoming April elections; and more.

Our calendar highlights public meetings along with events of interest from area groups and organizations that are chosen with an eye toward providing the actionable information needed to participate and stay on top of situations and opportunities. We also have our monthly updates from the Naperville Public Library, Park District, Naper Settlement and CAI.

Thanks for checking out our newsletter, and please let us know your thoughts and ideas for future editions. The Confederation truly believes in connecting our neighborhoods, and the power of working together, neighbor to neighbor for a better Naperville. See you next month!

Remember, you can click here to download your copy now!!

Founded in 1979, the Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation believes in connecting people to what matters most - each other, neighbor to neighbor.

The Confederation serves our community by providing the means to foster communication between member associations, homeowners, and government officials. Through this communication, networking, and neighbors- helping-neighbors, the Confederation is the vehicle through which we, as homeowners and residents, can stay abreast of community's affairs and generate a positive influence on our area’s future.

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Who We Are:

  • A knowledge resource, covering topics of interest to our members and their neighborhoods. We seek out and share information on issues and developments, events, association governance, and property management and maintenance.
  • An advocate for homeowners; voicing community concerns through Public Position statements, advisory groups, and liaison committees.
  • A stage where speakers address what is important to our member associations and Naperville area residents.
  • A conduit bringing government to the people. Our meetings create dialogue opportunities with community leaders.
  • A facilitator of educational, non-partisan forums on issues, referenda and candidates.
  • What We Do:

    “As elected officials, we have to understand and respond to the needs of our constituents. The NAHC is a vital link between the City Council and the community, both in providing residents with important City information as well as allowing us to hear what is on residents’ minds. By working together, we make Naperville the best place to both live and do business.”
    Steve Chirico, Mayor, City of Naperville

    "For the Naperville Park District, the Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation is an important partner in our success. The NAHC has become an increasingly vital conduit to communicate with residents about our programs and events, and their committed efforts in helping us to reach our constituents is invaluable."
    Ray McGury, Executive Director, Naperville Park District

    "The Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation brings people together to be heard and to listen. It is a dynamic buffer between assumptions and possibilities allowing information to be considered and relationships to flourish. It is a place where trust is built, where leaders develop and friendships are formed. Any community worth living in is worth doing something for. Join your homeowner’s association. Come to an NAHC meeting. Get involved. You make a difference!"."
    MaryLou Wehrli, Commissioner, DuPage Forest Preserve District

    "The Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation allows the Fire Department to communicate and receive feedback from the residential customers and stakeholders that the Fire Department serves. The residential population is our largest customer and the NAHC serves as a link to a vast majority of our citizens which has proven very effective in promoting messages related to safety and health throughout Naperville"
    Chief Mark J. Puknaitis, Naperville Fire Department

    "The NAHC is a valuable partnership between City staff and residents. Through the confederation’s proactive efforts, city staff is kept apprised of important concerns and can connect us with residents to better share our work and City information. We appreciate the partnership of the NAHC and consider it an important part of our success as a community."
    Doug Krieger, Naperville City Manager

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