Meeting Information

The Confederation meets monthly, September through May. Most of our meetings are held in meeting room B of the Naperville Municipal Center on the third Saturday of the month with networking at 8 AM and the meeting beginning at 8:30. Check the Calendat for the latest!
Each general meeting has a theme chosen by our Board. We also schedule ad hoc special reports on matters of interest. Our goal is to educate, inform, and provide an opportunity for neighbors to meet neighbors. Through this interaction important topics can be discussed, knowledge can be shared, and we can all learn ways to improve our neighborhoods.
"Archived" meeting information can also be found at Documents

Upcoming 2018 Confederation Meetings

September 15: TBD
October 20: TBD
November 17: TBD
December 15: TBD

We look forward to your attendance and participation at these meetings!

Become an NAHC Meeting Sponsor

If you would like to deliver your message to the homeowners at NAHC events, opportunities are available to become a "Meeting Sponsor"

The NAHC will provide table space for food and drink and space for the sponsors display and literature. In our monthly newsletter for the month of the sponsored meeting, we will include the Sponsor's logo and an "elevator speech" describing the sponsor's business or services.
The Sponsor will be allotted 3 minutes to talk about their product/organization/company during the meeting introductions. The NAHC will also acknowledge and thank the sponsor in email and website notices for the meeting, and verbally at the meeting. Finally, a link to the sponsors website will be added to any meeting summary posted on the NAHC website.

The sponsor will provide food and drink for 50 attendees and this will include but not be limited to:
- A.M. Mtg. - pastries, fruit, juice, coffee & water
- P.M. Mtg. desserts, cheese & crackers, coffee/pop & water
- Set Up and Clean Up of the refreshment area
- All paper & plastic products (cups, plates, napkins, utensils, etc.).

Coordination will be done through the Meeting Chair. The Chair will verify location, date, time, facilities, and numbers.

Thank you for considering sponsoring refreshments at one of our monthly general membership meetings or educational seminars. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact the NAHC at

Join the NAHC!

If you or your association are not members of the NAHC, joining is easy!
Click Here to download a membership application. NAHC Membership and Associate Membership is available to Homeowners and Homeowner, Condominium, and Tenant Associations in the Naperville area.
For more information on joining the NAHC, please see our by-laws.